Free coaching

There are 3 types of free coaching available.

Please spread the word to anyone you think might get great value from these offers.

You are welcome to contact me if you are interested in any of these for yourself. Or you can go ahead to make a booking using the online booking form.

Free trial of coaching for new clients

Firstly, all new clients are invited to have a complimentary coaching session, so you can try for yourself what coaching is like and if it helps you.

Pro bono coaching

Secondly, a limited number of pro bono life coaching sessions a month are offered to people in financial need. To help people going through a tough time, these are offered for free in exchange for your feedback and/or testimonial rather than financial payment.

Monthly free coaching offer

Thirdly, a limited number of free life coaching sessions are available each month based on the monthly theme. The purpose of these is to spread awareness of the different ways coaching can help people.

You’re invited to try out different uses and styles of coaching by having a complimentary coaching session on the monthly theme. The normal payment amount is waived in exchange for your feedback and/or testimonial.

February 2022 – Coaching for emotional intelligence

Did you know that higher emotional intelligence is connected to more favourable outcomes in just about every area of life?!

Some (rare) people grew up in environments where they were encouraged to have awareness of, and healthy expression of, their emotions.

Most of us, however, were taught that certain emotions were allowed and others were not. Or we were not given role models of healthy ways to express and manage emotions. We developed unhelpful ways of dealing with our emotions and with other people’s emotions.

Some of us have spent so long in our heads that we’ve lost touch of what emotions feel like in our body, have lost touch with this source of intelligence and guidance, don’t have the vocabulary to express ourselves emotionally, and are paying the consequence for this with poorer outcomes in health, relationships, and career progression.

Use coaching to:

  • Learn to tune into emotions in your body.
  • Increase your emotional vocabulary.
  • Develop healthier ways to communicate or manage your emotions.
  • Explore your emotional history, and the patterns you’ve formed from the environment you grew up in.
  • Explore your relationship with any particular emotion, and how you can do things differently.
  • Understand your emotional needs.
  • Learn to respond well to others who are expressing emotions to you.
  • Learn techniques to calm your nervous system.
  • Be seen, heard, understood and validated with the emotions you have, so they can be integrated and released.

If you’re interested in this offer for yourself please contact me or go-ahead to make a booking using the online booking form.

January 2022 – Setting a personal vision for the year

Who wants a little extra help to get 2022 off to a great start? ⭐️Do you want to set a yearly WIG (wildly important goal)? ⭐️ – Choose a yearly theme? ⭐️ – Get clearer on your vision?

Have a coaching session to help you dig a little deeper into what’s important to you and what you REALLY want to prioritize and bring to life this year.

If you’re interested in this offer for yourself please contact me or go-ahead to make a booking using the online booking form.